Mr. Kimbob's Bulgogi Bibimbap

I haven't tried eating any Korean food before because my first impression is that, everything is spicy. I wasn't into spicy food at the time. I don't even eat California Maki with wasabi. Or sisig with lots of chili.

It all changed when I was introduced to Mr. Kimbob.

A friend of mine ordered a Bulgogi Bibimbap when we were at SM Megamall after lurking around Toy Con Day 2 earlier this year. She told us to try it after mixing all that there is in her plate. I took a bite and I was surprised that I can handle the spiciness of the Kimchi.

Bulgogi Bibimbap is served on a hot plate and is made of rice, bulgogi beef, bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, spinach, kimchi and a sunny-side egg.

The right way in eating this, which is also written on the paper, is to mix everything. Your preference if you want to mix in the kimchi or not, because that's the only side dish in this meal. I usually eat mine with the kimchi mixed in.

There's also a spicy sauce that is given with the meal. I tried putting everything before and it got me teary-eyed because I wasn't used to it. Just make sure to mix it well with the ingredients. Also a cup of hot soup is included. :)

The good:

  • Very flavorful

  • Heavy in a way that you won't feel bloated but you won't have to eat for a couple of hours (in my experience that is. though, I can still consume bubble tea afterwards :P)

  • Spicy sauce adds a kick to the flavors.
The bad:

  • The rice is kinda dry.

  • Not enough kimchi for me!

I'm not really sure if this can be considered authentic Korean food but I love it! I always look for this one first wherever I go and eat out. For P95, it's definitely worth it ;)

Will I eat here again? Yes!
Will I recommend this to friends? Definitely!

Mr. Kimbob
Mr. Kimbob Branches


  1. ive tried Mr. Kimbob bibimbap and I love it. I think serving it on a sizzling plate and adding it with kimchi is not Korean....

  2. Yup, doing that isn't really Korean, but for me, if it makes the meal warm, keri lang hehe :)


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