Flash Giveaway: T.G.I. Friday’s Turns 20!

The best thing about T.G.I. Friday’s Philippines’ 20th anniversary is that it’s so big, everybody is invited. Starting as your favorite go-to restaurant for after-office hangout and reunions, it has now evolved as your family-friendly, craving-solver restaurant.

Let me share with you what I love about T.G.I. Friday's:

1. Fish Tacos!

2. Nachos!

3. There's a selection of wine available on the menu.

4. Extra dipping sauce without the extra charge <3

5. Mozzarella sticks!

6.  Free WiFi!

7. Pasta Puttanesca!

8. Fried Calamari!

9. Watching the awesome bartenders do their thing.

10. Watching the annual bartender championships. I'm in awe!

11. All smiles, friendly staff!

12. Great for any occasion - date nights or family gatherings!

13. During Valentines they have extra seating at their BGC branch and even live music!


15. Classic mojito!

16. Food is served freshly made!

17.  Big serving portions!

18. Awesome freebies and promos year round!

19. All-time American favorites / Tex-Mex food anytime!

20. You can find them in strategic locations all over the metro!

Dear readers, you're in for a treat because T.G.I. Friday's partnered up with GeekyKitch for an easy, breezy giveaway! WHO WANTS A JACK DANIELS BURGER? :D


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Head over to the comments section below this post and leave your name, email address, tweet URL and share the 20 things you love about T.G.I. Friday’s! No repetition please! One entry per person only!

The best eleven (11) entries will each get a Jack Daniel's burger on the house!

Congratulations to the following readers! Please send me a PM on the GeekyKitch page with your full name (as indicated on a valid ID), mobile number and email address which I forward to T.G.I. Friday's marketing team

Phoebe Ruth Roberto
Czaroma Roman
Dina Manlapaz 
Basilio Gutierrez III
Jameela Aida A. Malicdem
Ma. Eddielli Bungay
Ma. Clarice Itumay 
Melanie Lao
Jeffrey Nocasa
Carrie Rozanne David
Phyllis Kirsten Aquino

Let’s kick-start this awesome online party with a bang! See you! :)

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  1. 20 Things I Love about TGIF T.G.I.FRIDAYS
    1. The affordable delicious Chicken Fingers!
    2. Jaw Locking Sandwiches and Burgers :)
    3. The ambiance that brings old and modern times come together.
    4. The drinks XD
    5. Big servingsssss for a Big Appetite
    6. Love the Desserts!
    7. The crew's hospitality
    8. Good Service
    9. A great place to hang out with special people
    10. The Birthday Songs whenever the cake is being served!!! <3 <3 <3
    11. A place where Birthdays are best to be celebrated.
    12. |The Cozy Booth seats
    13. The British Pub Design:)
    14. Love their menu that has so much to offer :)
    15. Seafood Platter <3
    16. and a mountain of nachossss :)
    17. The Buffalo Chicken and the Ribs :P
    18. Mocha Mud Pie
    19. Jack Daniel's Burger XD XD XD
    20. TGIF also means FUN :)
    19. Free Wifi!
    20. Being in TGIFridays feels like it is always a FRIDAY! :)

    Name: Phoebe Ruth M. Roberto
    Email: fibiruth@yahoo.com
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/FibiRuth/status/542926792923701248

  2. Czaroma Roman
    czaroma_roman at yahoo dot com

    20 Things I Love about T.G.I.Friday’s
    1. good value for money
    2. relaxing and cool ambiance
    3. excellent service
    4. best chicken fingers and mouth-watering burger
    5. sampler platter that's big-enough-to-share
    6. remarkable memorabilia
    7. mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings
    8. huge food servings
    9. wide-array of food selections
    10. clean restrooms and trendy interiors
    11. accommodating and friendly staffs
    12. fresh salad selections
    13. skillful bartending that's worth watching
    14. Oreo madness and mocha mudpie
    15. real American vibe and taste
    16. great place to dine with family and friends
    17. summer workshop for kids
    18. kid-friendly food menu
    19. discounts, freebies and exciting promos
    20. great place to celebrate any occasion!

  3. Dina Manlapaz



    1. Friendly, efficient and fast servers.
    2. FREE balloons for my kids (this does the trick every single time)
    4. Jack Daniel’s Salmon
    5. GOOD MUSIC!
    6. Watermelon Mojitos
    7. Brownie Obsession
    8. Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta
    10. Buffalo Wings with bleu cheese sauce
    11. The waiter’s Pin buttons in their uniforms
    13. Onion rings
    14. Double Chocolate Milkshake
    15. THE interiors of the place is so selfie, food in instagram worthy.
    17. Cajun Style Fish and Chips
    18. Cowboy Triple Meat Burger
    19. Chicken Fingers
    20. Chicken Quesadilla

  4. 20 Things I Love about TGIF T.G.I.FRIDAYS
    1. The Large Serving of foods
    2. Chicken Alfredo Pasta is a must in TGIF!
    3. The Bottomless Mojitoooo
    4. Jack Daniel's food!
    5. Love their dessert the Oreo Madnesssss
    6. The Friday's Sundaysss
    7. Free Ice Cream/Cake when it's my birthday
    8. Their Cocktails selections
    9. The quality of their food and even the plating.
    10. TV and Wifi are available for more entertainment
    11. Fast Service
    12. The different varieties of drinks
    13. They've got a non smoking area
    14. Promos and Discounts
    15. The classic ambiance
    16. Friendly, well-trained staff
    17. It's usually jampacked at evenings but still maintains their cleanliness
    18. Interior design and comfortable seats
    19. Good for barkada's and family
    20. A restaurant of warmth and fun

  5. Jam Malicdem
    jamango01 (at) gmail [dot] com

    1. Superior customer service.
    2. Affordable.
    3. Family's go-to restaurant
    4. Chicken Fingers
    5. Their colors- red, white and black. You know it's TGIF.
    6. Local favorites- Yay Filipino food!
    7. So many branches that we can go to.
    8. My favorite dessert - Oreo Madness
    9. My favorite burger - Cheeseburger!
    10. Celebrated so many birthdays with TGI Friday's
    11. Cocktails.
    12. Big serving!
    13. Promos!
    14. Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta --- because I have the biggest heart for shrimp.
    15. Fried calamari - me and my bros go crazy for this! Hahaha
    16. Buffalo wings. PERIOD NO ERASE
    17. Resto's chill vibe.
    18. Fish and chips! How can you not order these??!
    19. Baby back ribs. How can you not order these??!
    20. I love Fridays... and Friday's!!

  6. https://twitter.com/Macaraeg_JimMA/status/542955303638016001

    20 Things I love about TGIFriday's Philippines #TGIFridaysPh
    1. Good Value for Money
    2. Free Wi Fi
    3. Wide array of food selections
    4.Perfect venue for business meetings
    5. Great Music
    6. Sports memorabilia
    7. TV Shows
    8. Fascinating Interiors
    9. Mocha Mud Pie
    11. Facilities
    12. Clean Restroom
    13. Comfy Chair
    14. Great Chef
    15. Menu
    16. Excellent Service
    17. Accessibility
    18.Awesome Pasta
    19. Jack Daniels Burger
    20. Bday Specials

    Name: Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg
    Email: cyber18sg@yahoo.com

  7. 20 Things I Love about T.G.I.FRIDAYS:
    1. Comfortable casual American dining set-up
    2. attentive and friendly staff
    3. hearty appetizers and salads
    4. mouth-watering ribs and steaks
    5. assortments of mixed drinks
    6. great location and venue for any gathering
    7. value for the money entrees
    8. family friendly with kids menu
    9. amazing promos, specials and discounts
    10. american portions
    11. fried calamari, nachos and mozerrella sticks
    12. wine selections
    13. offers to try and share platters
    14. variety of pasta selections
    15. selections of seafood entrees
    16. selections od burgers including Jack Daniels Burger
    17. cool wall memorabilias
    18. Free Wifi
    19. serves local favorite entrees
    20. several selections of desserts

  8. https://twitter.com/jeffdcn923/status/542975591905894403

     Their chicken fingers
     So tasty Garlic Chicken Primavera
     Free WIFI
     Affordable Party Food Packages
     Nice staff uniforms with pins and caps
     Delicious food
     Their famous fish Tacos
     Oh so tempting desserts
     value for money
     Jack Daniel's Burger
     World-renowned bartenders
     Secured parking space
     Presentable and neat table setting
     Scrumptious servings
     Chicken Quesadilla
     Oreo Madness
     Accommodating staff
     Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
     Clean restroom
     Great furnitures

  9. 1. FREE WIFI
    2. Attentive and accommodating staff
    3. Jack Daniel's Burger
    4. Oreo Madness
    5. Delicious food
    6. Scrumptious servings
    7. Delectable desserts
    8. Chicken Quesadilla
    9. Affordable Party Packages
    10. Their branches are accessible along the Metro
    11. They offer other services that can complete a grand party like, magician, bubble show, glitter tattoo and many more.
    12. Their famous fish Tacos
    13. World-renowned bartenders
    14. Freebies given to the birthday celebrator. I had my birthday here in this resto and they gave me free cake! That was 10 years ago tho.
    15. Friday's mozarella! I love this cheese!
    16. Their chicken fingers (They will have a promo tomorrow! Php20 for chicken fingers!)
    17.Garlic Chicken Primavera. So delicious, I ended dreaming about this!
    18.Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I don't eat veggies but this one of my favorite! Wala akong tinira, as in! Ubos! :)
    19. Jack Daniel’s Ribs. One of the best ribs that my Dad and I really really loved!
    20. Gold Medalist. One of my favorite smoothies!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  10. Hi, sorry I forgot to put my email address and the link of my tweet. Thanks so much!
    Name: Basilio Gutierrez III
    Email Address: basil.gutierrez@gmail.com
    Tweet Link: https://twitter.com/thirdyelyen/status/542929276471754754

  11. I - Incredibly fun ambiance

    S - Superb quality of food

    O - Outstanding customer service

    L - Location is at its best, we have one 5 minutes away from home.

    O - Oreo Madness

    V - Very wide array of choices.

    E - Everyday feels like Friday!

    Y - Yolo so best spend it at TGIF!

    O - Onion Rings

    U - Unlimited mojitos

    T - Three for All Sampler Platter

    G - Good for sharing servings

    I - Iced cold drinks

    F - Freshest greens available.

    R - Really fun bartending

    I - Instant discount with BDJ Coupon

    D - Date nights in TGIF

    A - Amazing experience

    Y - Your promotions

    S - Starwars designs.

    Ma. Clarice Itumay

  12. Why I love Fridays?!

    1. Location
    2. Friendly Staff
    3. Reasonable Prices
    4. Bottomless Mojitos
    5. Awesome store decorations
    6. Wide choices
    7. Comfy Chairs
    8. Pet-friendly
    9. Party Packages
    10. Summer Camp for Kids
    11. Online Promos
    12. Three for all Sampler platter
    13. Nachos
    14. Onion Rings
    15. Mud Pie
    16. BDJ Coupon
    17. Handsome food attendants
    18. Big Servings
    19. Clean utensils and place
    20. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


  13. • Free game viewing on their BIG LCD TV’s
    • The Darft beeeer
    • I can ask for more dipping w/out extra charge
    • Jack Daniel’s food line
    • TGIF Liempo
    • Good music selection
    • Chill Ambience
    • Relaxing Seat
    • Drink Selection
    • Friendly Staff
    • Fast Serving
    • Free WIFI
    • Hot Buffalo Wings
    • Talented Bartenders
    • The Annual Bartending competition
    • Tex-Mex Mac & Cheese
    • Freebies and Promo
    • Salad selection
    • Nachos
    • Seafood platter



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