#GKCooks: Breakfast Burger

Who doesn't love bacon and eggs for breakfast?

It is sinfully good, especially with garlic rice di ba? *drools~*

But for those of us who are limiting their rice intake and/or would like to try something different, check out how you can have your breakfast in a burger instead with this recipe from Anthony Macaraeg of FitBurger :)


Cooking Instructions

  1. Cook the whole wheat pita bread in the panini press.

  2. Pan-grill the patty.

  3. Cook egg omelette with red and green bell pepper.

  4. Cook double smoked bacon.

  5. Setup bread, sauce, eggs and bacon. Enjoy!


The Breakfast Burger was prepared as part of Food Magazine's third leg of the Food Tastings: Deliciously Healthy event. You can get this for P220 at Fit Burger, LeGrand Tower 2, Eastwood City. Follow @fitburgerinc on Facebook and Instagram.

Food Tastings "Deliciously Healthy"

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