Auntie Anne’s Makes Your Christmas Shopping Merry and Bright

December 24, 2015
‘Tis the season to satisfy your sweet tooth with our pretzel-perfect snack. Auntie Anne’s brings to you the nuttiest holiday treat that makes gift shopping more fun. Be delighted as Auntie Anne’s delicious pretzels are conveniently handy that you can eat it while looking for the best Christmas presents for your family and friends.

Auntie Anne’s Red Almond Crunch Nuggets

Color your cravings with this red almond crunch nugget that is crispy outside and baked to perfection inside with a distinct sweetness. This moist little nugget is sprinkled with almonds that will dazzle your Christmas shopping. Auntie Anne’s Red Almond Crunch Nuggets is hitting the stores starting December 1, 2015.

Rush to the nearest Auntie Anne’s branches nationwide. Join the conversation at Auntie Anne’s Philippines on Facebook and @AuntieAnnesPHL on Instagram and Twitter.

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