[Food Guide] What's Your Cup of Tea?

In the mood for tea but not sure which type to order? Here's GeekyKitch's quick guide to tea!

I'd like to relax.

Go for White Tea.

Why: it is lightest and purest type because it is not fermented (thus, contains almost zero caffeine). It is plucked, dried and served directly.

Health benefits: high in anti-oxidants.

Food pairing: best enjoyed on its own or paired with a light salad

I need a midday boost.

Chinese method and Japanese method green tea leaves
Go for Green Tea.

Why: It has a bit of theine (caffeine).

Health benefits: It has the highest Vitamin C content among all tea types.

Food pairing: It can be paired with a lot of food items, best with light pasta, salad, etc. Treat it like white wine.

Two types:
  • Chinese method - prepared similar in Chinese cuisine where leaves are pan fried and dried which gives it a roasted aroma

  • Japanese method - leaves are steamed and has darker tint, smells like nori

I'm hoping to lose some weight.

Chinese Oolong
Formosa Oolong

Go for Blue Tea or Oolong Tea.

Why: It speeds up your metabolism.

Food pairing:
  • Chinese - best with seafood, salad, pasta

  • Formosa - best with steaks and tomato-based sauces

I want it strong.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Go for Black Tea.

Why: It has the highest level of theine since it is fully fermented.

This is the most famous tea type. English Breakfast is the most consumed which Darjeeling is considered as the champagne of teas (best tasting and high quality with strong full bodied taste and clean finish).

I would like something unique.

Go for Pu-erh.

Health benefits: It helps in digestion.

This is a traditional Chinese tea. Black tea is fermented for at least 2-3 years in a clay jar buried underground (causing the theine level to drop). The most famous variety is Victoria Beckham tea aka Pu-erh 1993 (Emperor Pu-erh).

I prefer something cold.

Cederberg Mountain Tea leaves

Go for (the legit) Red Tea.

This is actually an herbal tea produced from Rooibos tea bush, only found in South Africa.

Just like drinking wine, there is a right way of drinking tea: see (look at the color), smell, sip/slurp. And remember, a bad cup of tea is when the bitterness stays on your tongue. Hope you like this nifty guide! I learned all this from the TWG Tea Appreciation Party :)

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