Go bananas with the Despicable Me 3-themed Happy Meal and Menu Items at McDonald's!

Say "Bello!" The Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal is back at McDonald's with 10 new toy designs for your collection!

Each toy has its own unique personality and feature!
  • [10] Minion Hydrocycle Surprise - a push-along vehicle that opens up to reveal a Minion hiding in the back wheel when the wheel is bumped.
  • [1] Playful Minion - press his pocket and his tongue sticks out.
  • [8] Despicable Duo - front end drill spins around as the car rolls forward; lift up top hatch to reveal brothers Dru and Gru.
  • [4] Rocket Racer Minion - pullback the Minion and watch it spin around in a crazy path.
  • [6] Agnes' Rockin' Unicorn - push Agnes and her unicorn forward and watch them sway back and forth as they roll along.
  • [3] Groovin' Minion - press down his head and his arms will go up and down.
  • [2] Crab Bite Minion - lift his arm and his hat pops off.
  • [9] Banana Blaster Minion - watch this Minion shoot bananas with his launcher.
  • [5] Minion Antics - turn the dial on the back of his head to make the ball and chain spin around
  • [7] Pumping Iron Minion - levers in the back life and lower his arms as he pumps iron.
The Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal is available for purchase in-store and via Drive-Thru, Take Out and McDelivery.

Also, indulge your tummy and your IG feed with these Minions-approved Despicable Me 3-theme menu items:
Despicable Me Trio features the NEW Cheesy Burger McDo (beefy Burger McDo topped with a slice of creamy American cheese), Honey Banana McFloat (sweet Honey Banana flavored Sprite McFloat) and World Famous Fries.
Banana Pie ala Mode
Honey Banana McFloat N' Fries combo
Not in photo is the Banana McDip - creamy vanilla soft served covered with crunchy banana-flavored dip on a blue wafer cone (available in Dessert Centers and select stores only).

During the launch event held at McDonald's Eton Centris last May 29, kids and kids at heart were treated to fun activities and first dibs on the Happy Meal toys and new menu items:

Head over to your nearest McDonald's branch now to grab all 10 Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal toys and these limited time offer treats before they run out!

Share your love for the Minions at McDonald's via the official Facebook fan page or by tagging @McDo_PH to your sweet and funny McDo moments on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #MinionsAtMcDo.

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