Salad Bar lets you create your own guilt-free snack

August 27, 2018
Is it possible to eat cheap and healthy in the central business district? Let's find out.

There are days when I find myself in Makati for an event or date night with July. I'd rather eat than roam around aimlessly or have coffee - preferably something light, healthy and economical whilst being productive.

One day, I met up with Ate Joy and Kuya Eric at Glorietta 4 Food Choices. I haven't been feeling well at the time so they gave me salad to munch on at home. It had some slices of dragonfruit, watermelon and grapes on top of a bed of macaroni salad.

It turns out they bought it in a kiosk in the midst of fastfood joints and quick bites - Salad Bar.

At P30 per 100 grams, you can customize your salad with fresh greens, vegetables and fruits. Choices of fruits vary but beets, watermelon and grapes seem to be a staple (based on my three visits). They also have a variety of dressing options, dried raisins, and croutons as additional topping.

A reusable container is provided and you can fill it up to your heart's desire.. or your budget hehe! You can't put back stuff but the friendly staff can weigh your container before you add more.

On my recent visit, I piled up some watermelon slices, mangoes and grapes with macaroni salad as the base. Dragonfruit wasn't available but they had pomelo so I added those as well.

P195 for 650g of fruits and salad? Not a bad deal! This was enough to eat in two seatings or to share with July.

It may not be a novel concept as supermarkets and some food places offer this as well but it's accessibility and affordability, especially in a bustling area like Makati, is what counts.

Office workers can also visit Salad Bar at Food & Art Galleri, GT Tower Ayala Avenue, Dell's Food Court, Robinson's Summit Bldg. Ayala Avenue and Laza Food Plaza, Zuellig Bldg. in Makati Avenue cor Paseo de Roxas.

By the way they are the only establishment I know that gives a discount when you present your Postal ID! Get 10% off your purchase, valid in all Salad Bar branches! 😍

I hope they put up branches in the north / east. I have also suggested that they allow customers to bring their own containers, which they hopefully consider, to reduce their inventory & for customers to securely bring their freshly made salad anywhere.

Can't wait to drop by again! 🍇🍉🍈

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