[SG] Capella Sanya Embracing Culinary Culture, Flavours & Spices along China's Fabled Maritime Silk Road

October 30, 2018
Four restaurants, bars and lounges integrating refined resort’s historic theme with cuisine, beverages and even menu design paying homage to ancient trading voyages.

Capella Sanya effortlessly crosses culinary frontiers at four restaurants, bars and lounges embracing the resort’s historic theme inspired by China’s fabled Maritime Silk Road.

Cuisine, beverages and even menu design pay homage to the cultures, flavours and spices along ancient trading voyages through south-east Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa from the 2nd-century BCE to the 15th century.

Gracious and refined Lan Ting sets the tone for a culinary journey back in time with a sophisticated Chinese fine dining experience worthy of aristocrats from the era.

Entry is across a wooden bridge into an ornate Chinese garden of ponds, passages and pathways to reach the restaurant styled after a traditional teahouse, complete with a classical red-tiled roof.

Within an elegant, warm and welcoming candle-lit interior, the menu of modern Cantonese cuisine combines classical and contemporary cooking techniques and recipes – headlined by signature ‘degustation’ menus crafted by master chefs.

A memorable signature of the refined ambience is on tea – a key Chinese export along the ancient seafaring trade route.

A traditional ‘Gong Fu Cha’ ceremony is performed at dim sum afternoon tea; specially-crafted tea cocktails are on the dinner menu; and tea sommeliers recommend best tea-pairing with dishes, from an enlightened selection that includes a rare tea sourced exclusively for Lan Ting.

A refined touch is the opportunity to join a bespoke ‘Tea Society’ – with tea purchases kept in personally-engraved tins for exclusive use on return visits. The exceptional tea experience is complemented by a curated wine list of handpicked organic and rare wines.

In a vibrant atmosphere of interactive live buffet stations, all-day restaurant Silk Road embraces the specialties, spices, culture and traditions of various ports along the Maritime Silk Road – on daily menus reflecting cuisines from Sanya to Singapore, Thailand to India, and the Middle East to the Mediterranean.

A giant dome ceiling and huge chandelier enhances the lively market-place atmosphere; amid palm trees, warm yellow and orange lighting, and décor of copper and eye-catching re-cycled material.

Breakfast highlights are a live Noodle Bar, Congee and Dim Sum Station, along with western options for stations cooking waffles, crepes and omelettes. A specialty coffee bar roasts its own beans of ‘Grand Cru Single Origin Coffee’ from various ports along the trade route – and a live Juice Bar energises for the day with seasonal fruits, including fresh coconuts and health-conscious Energy Shooters. At a specialty Chinese Herb Infusion Trolley, herbal infusions can be chosen to match your mood of the day.

Dinner specialties are as diverse as Hainanese Hele Crab Baked in Spices and Capella Special Bolo Bun of tropical Hainanese fruit. Cocktails are inspired by various tastes and herbs along the Maritime Silk Road, from Mango Thai Basil Mojito and Lavendar Negroni to Chai Old Fashioned. Along with a premium wine list and beer selection are exotic spirits produced on the trade route, from Vermouth and Chalong Bay Rum to Amrut Whiskey, plus ports and sherries.

The Library & Library Bar, styled after a private living room, with a breath-taking view over Blessed Bay and imposing red Steinway piano as its focal point, continues the Maritime Silk Road journey in a club setting.

Shelves of books explore the historic origins of Sanya and the Spice Route. Elegant snacks and cocktails are inspired by spices, herbs, teas and ingredients along the voyages between China, Asia and Europe.

The antique-style drinks menu is even designed as an ancient seafarer’s spice-route map – with flamboyant cocktails and mocktails infused with the produce and cultures of ports along the way.

Along with an exclusive selection of rums, cognacs, armagnacs, ports, sherries and whiskeys, a walk-in Wine Cellar houses a wide selection of Grand Cru wines by the glass,

A Cigar Menu is elegantly presented in the style of a cigar box – offering a selection of 18 hand-picked, premium cigars from a humidor, with recommendations for pairing with spirits and cocktails that are served with delicate canapes during sundown ‘Aperitif Hour’.

Even the glasses and cups are bespoke – with finest, handmade glassware from Schott-Zwiesel; and light green & gold Chinaware from Bernardeau.

Swimming pool and beach restaurant The DEMPSEY is trendy and more about fun, oozing ‘tropical chic’ with a mix of modern seaside décor and travel artifacts that suggest the coast, sea and nautical life. The nautical ‘fish market’ theme extends to a dazzling aquarium of coral fish.

Brightly-coloured exotic elexirs inspired by tropical spices and fruits are eminently Instagram-able, with the menu championing classic rum cocktails in ‘punch bowl’ servings to share!

Comfort food from Europe to Asia, from snacks to main courses, is inspired by the tropical ambience, rich in spices and fruits.

Eight private cabanas complete with bathrooms and both indoor and outdoor lounges offer an exclusive, intimate poolside experience.

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