Thin Is In: Café Lidia’s awesome thin-crust pizzas

According to history, thin crust pizzas aren’t really a product of Italy; they came from Punjab, India and was brought by immigrants to the Roman Empire, although this is yet to be verified. In Italy, pizza is known as the food for the lower class people of 18th century, flat and unleavened bread topped with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. While modern-day pizza lovers dig the New York-style per-slice goodness of Lombardi’s or the deep-dish sinfulness of Chicaco-style pizzas, nothing beats the magic of thin-crust pizzas. In the Philippines, there are only a few shops that captured the authentic thin-crust style. One of them is in Marikina: Café Lidia.

cafe lidia

Situated at the heart of Brgy. Calumpang, Café Lidia is one of the many hidden gastronomic gems scattered throughout Marikina. When you arrive at the restaurant, the place itself will make you go hungry: Parisian café motif with homey décor and warm accenting lights. While their menu consists of a wide range of dishes, their pizzas are probably the ones getting the top billing. Their namesake pizza, called Pizza Lidia, is thin-crust goodness swept with rich tomato sauce then topped with olives, capers, and anchovies. If you want a classical taste of pizza straight from Napoli, try their Margherita pizza. Their pizzas, aside from those mentioned, are perfect while playing fun and exciting online bingo games at

cafe lidia pizza

Other than pizzas, they also serve excellent pasta dishes in various red, white, green, and mixed sauces. Their most famous pasta, called Pasta ala Arrabiata, is not your usual red-sauced pasta revved up with a hint of spiciness and chunks of tomatoes. Every now and then, there are new dishes added in their menu, which are all pure creations of the owner. So if you are looking for ways to spend your lazy weekdays, or even weekends, head to Café Lidia and grab their awesome thin-crust pizzas.

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