Sweet Treats from Korea: Tous Les Jours

The Korean wave is definitely one to blame for a lot of things - my inclination to Korean music, TV shows and movies, fashion, even the once-thought very spicy kimchi is now well-loved aside from beef bibimbap. On a good note, that is. So one day after work in Eastwood, the thought of Paris came to mind and lured me and my friend Otep, aside from the need to bring home sweets, to our first stop: bienvenue sur "Tous Les Jours" :)

Authentic Bakery

Tous Les Jours


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Tous Les Jours or TLJ opened its first store in Korea during 2006. Now it has over 1,700 stores around Korea, China, USA, and Vietnam. Philippines is the fifth country of this international franchise, with six stores scattered all over the metro. This grab-to-go boulangerie (bakery with small and glassy interiors) assures you get the best, freshly-baked bread, pastries and cakes using the freshest ingredients and their modern baking expertise everyday!

Tous Les Jours Eastwood

Feel like having a bagel for breakfast or garlic bread to go with your take-out spaghetti? Choose from a variety of bread on display, price ranging from P18 - P198. TLJ sells drool-worthy and uniquely designed cakes for every occasion at competitive prices. It seems they are not available per slice, so I can't tell you at this point how they taste. I just settled looking at them and taking pictures. They also have cake candles whenever you need one :)

Tous Les Jours Eastwood

The store in Eastwood only has 2 small tables with 2 chairs each. Don't fret though, as customer come and go and leave the tables unoccupied. Which is good if you opt to stick around while eating and would like to purchase a drink. Choose from hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, bottled water, or any of the beverages imported from Korea.

Tous Les Jours Eastwood

It is said that whatever branch of TLJ you go, you will get the same taste and quality of their products with the help of Korean advanced frozen dough technology. Cool huh? :)

Macaron de Paris

The experience wouldn't be complete if I don't get a taste of these drooling creations. I decided to get one bread and one pastry. Aside from the cakes, one of two things that caught my eye is their Macaron de Paris.

tous les jours eastwood macarons

You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mango. As much as I love them all, I bought Green Tea Macaron for sampling. The one who assisted me said it's one of their best sellers. Let's see..

I ate this one while I was at Caffe Bene, having a Misugaru drink. It look sairy but it definitely doesn't lack in flavor and complimented my drink as well. If you like your macarons crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this is a must try for you :)

Macaron de Paris can be bought by piece (P28 each) or in a cute packaging of 5 (P140).

Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese

I was supposed to buy garlic sticks thinking they were P98/pack. The people there cleared it up and the price was per piece. Good thing I have plan B in mind. According to their website, this is another best seller.

tous les jours eastwood

Too full to eat this too, I decided to take it home and eat it during my afternoon snack time. After my first bite, I took time to consume it. The cream cheese was very smooth and flavorful. Only P48 a piece, it was chewy (like mochi), with the right amount of sweetness and definitely has lots of filling, you won't feel bitin! :D


Who would have thought the French-named bakery me and orgmate/officemate/friend Otep decided to check out turned out to be from Korea as well? I loved the ambience, the service, the 귀여워 (cute) cake presentation and the generous bread filling. Not to mention the high quality and 'getting more than what you paid for' feel. Drop by a branch near you! <3

Tous Les Jours (뚜레쥬르)

Ground floor, Techno Plaza 2, Eastwood City Complex, Libis, Quezon City (behind Eastwood Mall)

Open from 10am - 12am (50% off breads from 11pm-12am)

Other branches | Website | Facebook | Twitter

tous les jours eastwood


  1. I also had my own taste of France through French Baker and it was sooo good!

    I hope Tous Le Jours will have a store here in Davao. The cakes are to die for! :D

  2. I like the variety of cakes and pastires Tous Les Jous has to offer. Lucky are the ones who tried them out first too. ^_^

  3. the sweet black rice bread with cream cheese looks great. yummy

  4. I haven't tasted Korean bread yet, I'll try to visit this place when I happen to go to Eastwood. Thanks for this information I have another bread alternative to choose from.

  5. that looks so good and yummy!!! Loving their breads and cakes!! OH! dont forget the macarons as well! hehe xx

  6. Hope they'll open a branch in Ortigas. A friend made me try one of their breads and I liked it. :)

  7. I always see this place whenever I'm at SM North Edsa and I can only drool at their sinful-looking cakes. I haven't had the chance to dine or even buy an item from them because I'm always on to something when I'm in the area. I hope to find time to try Tous Les Jours

  8. I hope you get to drop by one of these days! It's a must try! :)

  9. There are other branches scattered across the metro if it's more convenient for you :)

  10. Fast growing as it is, maybe you can expect one in 2013 :)

  11. Good to know that they have branches all around Metro Manila. Will visit at least one of them on my next Philippine vacation.

    I so love the design of the mocha cake and as a mocha cake lover... I will definitely make sure to try it!

    Not a huge fan of French Macaron though. :D

    Happy new year!

  12. There are branches almost all over the world! Where are you living po ba? :D

    Happy new year! :D

  13. The cakes and pastries really look good and the price range is affordable. I would want to try and know how a korean bakery is different.

  14. cakes and pastries looks yummy.prices are also good.nice :)

  15. That garlic sesame bread looks like my favorite blueberry muffin.


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