Rekindled My Love for Ice Candy, the Fruitas way

September 04, 2012

One day I went to SM North Edsa for business purposes. Sweaty and feeling warm because of the weather, taking the LRT-MRT plus walking (not that I'm complaining :P), I looked around to kill time and find something to eat without having to spoil dinner later on. I was undecided what to get, until I saw someone eating ice candy. Ice candy in a mall? I looked around and spotted the stall a few meters away..

So Fruitas is not just juices, shakes or even buko juice anymore - they have ice candy! I bought a Strawberry Mango-flavored ice candy (P15). It was sweet and flavorful, just like how it should taste if you buy a Fruitas shake of the same combination, made from fresh fruits.

Before I went my way back to MRT North Ave. to go to Cubao, I bought another one. They ran out of Strawberry-Mango so I chose Caffe Latte (P9). As expected it was flavorful too, without being overwhelming (strong coffee flavor).

Funny thing is, I usually go to the three nearest malls from our house, but I have never encountered this. I'll look around the other nearest SM to check. I was supposed to bring some home but the lady was kinda aloof and cuts the end of the ice candy after getting it from the fridge.

With more than 20 flavors to choose from and price ranging from P7 to P15, even kids can afford to buy it!

Fruitas Ice Candy - my kind of perfect affordable summer refresher for children of all ages ;)

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  1. It looks yummy and tastes good.Good thing it is affordable..I wanna try it


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