Country's First and Original Baked Chicken by Stackers Burger Cafe

Ask people what they want to eat and no doubt that fried chicken will be included in their top choices. Adults and children alike can enjoy it any time of the day, with its easy recipe and quick preparation time. Usually paired with ketchup or gravy, some people prefer to eat chicken with their bare hands.

However it is delicious and filling, fried chicken can take a toll on our health. Chicken has its own fat. Frying it adds up and sooner or later, it can affect our heart and/or make us overweight.

No worries though, because I was introduced to the next best thing in chicken.

Not so Fast Food

What if I tell you in the picture above, the chicken has 80% less oil, would you believe me?

How is that possible? Stackers Burger Cafe employs a unique cooking method and unique that aims to achieve a juicy, flavorful 'fried' chicken that's tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The chicken looks small at a glance, because the breading isn't thick. I ran out of utensils to use and it did took long to get a pair (given that the staff are busy distributing the chicken to every table), I tried eating it with my bare hands. I wasn't able to get a picture but my hands didn't look greased. Tearing it apart, there wasn't any oil oozing out. Somehow I was thinking it might be dry, but the skin was crispy and every bite proved that the meat stayed juicy and tender.

My serving came with rice but you can opt to have fries with it instead. An order with BFC rice meal with one pc. chicken costs P95, while two pcs. chicken costs P155. For sharing, families and friends can enjoy the Grab & Go Stack in 3's (P205), 6's (P395), 12's (P778), Jumbo (15 pcs. at P970) or Party (30 pcs. at P1900). Every order comes with gravy.


With our country being more health-conscious, there is no better timing for Stackers Burger Cafe. I applaud Mr. Bryan Tiu of I-Foods, Inc. for his food innovation. He is the founding owner of Teriyaki Boy and under I-Foods, he has other homegrown brands like Tokyo Cafe, Peri-Peri Chicken and Kogi Bulgogi.

A little more spice to what the Filipino taste buds are used to, a variation in flavor (spicy, barbeque, etc.) and it seems I personally found my kind of perfect (baked) fried chicken to enjoy without the guilt ;)


Stackers Burger Cafe

Address: Eastwood City, 1 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Quezon City
Delivery Hotline: 709 - 9999

Cuisine: American
Dining Style: Fast-Casual



Come on, dare to compare! Head over to any Stackers Burger Café branch near you:

  • Resorts World Manila - 4/F Newport Commercial and Entertainment Center, Pasay City (659-8271)

  • McKinley Hill Venice Piazza - G/F The Venice Piazza, Fort Bonifacio, Global City Taguig (403-6572)

  • Alabang Town Center - Lower Ground Floor The Garden (478-0080)

  • Promenade Mall, Foodcourt 1 Lower Level Promenade Bldg., Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan City

The Baked Fried Chicken is available for dine-in, take out, or delivery (hotline: 87-878)


  1. Sounds good, but I'm a bit skeptical whether it was really baked. From the picture, it looks like the skin was deep-fried rather than baked. Guess the only way to find out is to give it a try.

  2. Hope they will open in Davao too so I can taste it and give a review too =)

  3. Congratulations for this breakthrough. Too bad we don't have any Stackers in the deep mountain interior where I lve :p But I bet I will be doing that way, all I need to do is to learn how to bake chicken :p

  4. I first heard of a "baked friend chicken" in FatKidInside's website. But I never thought that a restaurant like Stackers would actually serve it too. Kudos to Stackers for the effort of serving healthier fried chicken. :)

  5. Another review for Stacker's. I will definitely want to visit this place.

  6. Hope to have STACKERS here in Davao City.

  7. whew! I will try to eat here on Promenade next week! i love burgers kaya! my BF influenced me well.

  8. I will be posting another Stackers related entry, with my experience with their burgers :D

  9. Sadly there wasn't any sneak peek of the actual cooking, but they said it's done via an oven and they cook it palang pag kaorder ng customer. So you're guaranteed a fresh, hot meal.

  10. looks very nice dear! but i just don't like if my chicken i ordered is still reddish blondish inside, hha that's why i barely eat fried chickens outside.

  11. Hehe, me too. Good thing this one didn't turned out like that :)

  12. I agree that baked is better than fried. I feel it's more tasty too... hmm, ganun nga ba?

  13. so many varieties of fried chicken to choose from, grilled, baked, etc. It is really so familiar fare among Filipinos, even on the streets now vendors sell fried chicken am really amazed of its popularity...

  14. With Baked Chicken, you can never go wrong. ^_^

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