Enjoy sweet red wine on the rocks with Rossi Sweet Red by Carlo Rossi

First time I had a glass of wine, it was served on the rocks by my best friend's mom. I tried it out of curiosity and liked it. Though like most people, I always believed that wine is expensive and something only rich people would drink, so it's usually reserved for very special occasions.

Filipinos love sweets, which affect our wine choices. There are "sweet red wines" in the market, trying to satisfy our sweet tooth, but they are actually alcohol-laced grape juice packed in bottles pretending to be wines. Yes, not the real deal.

With the increasing demand for wine that fits the Pinoy taste, satisfying our sweet tooth while reaping the perceived health benefits - Emperador Distillers Inc. brings to us the Rossi Sweet Red, from Carlo Rossi.

A Different Kind of Sweet

"It is soft and sweet with layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors. It has a soft velvety finish and the right alcohol content which is essentially what real sweet red wine should be,"

- Von de Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers, describes the wine.

Rossi Sweet Red is made from a variety of grapes grown in California's sun-drenched vineyards and manufactured by E & J Gallo Winery, one of the biggest wine companies in the United States.

There is no sugar added and the sweetness comes naturally from the grapes itself - a good news for diabetics who like to have their wine.

A more creative, fun and less formal way of consuming wine is encouraged by the company. You and your friends can use stem-less wine glasses and drink it "Rossi on the Rocks" way - perfect for a tropical country like ours.

For those not familiar, "on the rocks" is describing a drink served over ice cubes. Traditional wine-drinkers might scream heresy at wine with ice. The New York Times' wine critic Eric Asimov made it clear in one of his columns that there are types of red wines that are perfect when chilled or with ice.

So fret not: "..even the slight dilution with ice water will not affect its rich, deep red color, allowing only for smooth, sweet red wine."

[caption id="attachment_1574" align="alignnone" width="819"] Cheers![/caption]

Chilled or not, I can tolerate dry wine, but I rather have mine cold and sweet. Most Filipinos do, especially women, which is the target consumers. I'm not an expert on this matter but I liked the wine, so I believe you will like it too. I'm glad I was introduced to Rossi Sweet Red and found my kind of perfect staple for those special occasions, without breaking the bank.

Make sure you are of legal age or with parent's consent to consume alcoholic beverages. Happy drinking! ;)


  1. I'm a certified wine lover (I blog on wine occasionally) and my personal choice - should I have to get affordable table red wine - would always be Carlo Rossi. They keep well (up to a day after being opened; no longer than that) and not a bad partner with flavorful Pinoy dishes.

    Jason of http://jsncruz.com/

  2. always love this wine... specially the sweet ones... there were wines kasi na "mapakla" ang aftertaste. Yahweh bless.


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