BlackSoup Cafe + Artspace + Suspended Coffee

I have always read and heard about the different food spots near UP Diliman, but I can never really find people to go with me nor did I have the drive to go by myself. But we meet a lot of people and I'm happy they're foodies like me! Yey!

Together with my new friend and co-Saddleback Manila volunteer, Ivy, we went on our first food trip at Maginhawa Street.

First timers in the area, we got slightly lost because we were expecting it along the street and not inside a small compound. Good thing she had a car and a landline phone to call the cafe. Oh, Joanne wasn't able to join us as well. :(

First impression: We arrived after lunch and the place was virtually empty except for us and another female customer. I didn't get a good picture of cozy seats, except for my 'was here' picture, but BlackSoup is somewhere you would want to spend your quiet/reading/studying/writing/blogging time.



The cafe + artspace has such a quirky charm that I can't stop looking at every nook while waiting for our order. Bold and colorful posters adorned the walls. I love how each table has an interesting mix of pictures behind the glass and how I wanted to reach the top of the shelves to inspect the cameras ♥


The place screams '70s and '80s as well as pop culture / hipster!


Their counter is equally eye catching, especially their unique wall clock. I love how we can also see the kitchen and know that our meals are served fresh and has that home made touch.



Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace also hosts movie nights, open mic nights and other similar activities which would be fun to go to!


I find the colored bottle cute to serve water, it felt like I was dining somewhere expensive and it had wine or champagne in it instead. I ordered Green Tea in a Pot while Ivy had Mango shake which looked real good (didn't get a picture, oops).


Along with our conversations, we started filling our tummies with Nachos, Mushroom and Cheese and Crab and Mango Roll. Nachos were full with beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese goodies in balsamic vinegar.


Seeing a crab and mango combo got me blurring out my order before I even think about it. It was a healthier version of California Maki, with lettuce and soybean paper (I think), instead of rice and nori.


Our third appetizer might have omitted the word 'corn' on its name but you'd be surprised with the amount sauteed with button mushrooms and cheese. I would have asked for to-go of this.. :3


Ivy got herself some Tocino Carbonara that smelled good and has generous amounts of tocino bits!


Vegetarians and people on a diet (like me? lol) will love this intriguingly-named pasta dish, "You Won't Be Single for Long", which I regrettably didn't ask why. Haha! I know not many people would like this since it's just tomatoes, onions and vodka cream on pasta, but I find it yummy!


It doesn't seem that much but boy were we full, we can't even order for dessert! Their serving is filling and flavorful. They cater to both meat lovers and vegetarians with their Filipino fusion meals at affordable prices.


Suspended Coffee (and meals) in the Philippines

"It is better to give than to receive."

Truth is, we are not comfortable giving money to strangers. No, we are discouraged to. In reality it's either (1) the kid gives the money to a syndicate; (2) they use it to sustain their addiction, whether rugby *sniff* or play computer games; (3) or most of us simply don't care. And there are some who would rather remain anonymous in showing their heart for giving. Personally, I'd rather give food. Maybe a lot of people share my sentiments, that's why the suspended coffee initiative is well received.

This pay-it-forward movement from Naples, Italy was unheard of in the Philippines, until around Holy Week, when a post on Facebook got a lot of buzz. It wasn't until Easter that an establishment stepped up -- the main reason why we went to BlackSoup Cafe + Artspace. We supported this cause by buying a pair of Tuna Sandwiches and C2 drinks. Yes, it's not just coffee that you can "suspend". Choose whatever you want in the menu and let them know. The cafe will run this experiment until April 30, after which they will decide to continue or not.



blacksoup-cafeBlackSoup Cafe + Artspace

...the place to be with great friends, have wonderful conversations over affordable, tummy-filling food, and be a cheerful giver! We definitely would love to bring the Saddleback Manila crew here sometime! :D

Address: Unit G, Maginhawa Bldg., 154 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Operating Hours: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm (Mon - Sat)



For reservations or inquiries, call 435 2549 / 0915.3055480.


Our simple and random foodie adventure turned into a belated birthday celebration. We couldn't have picked a better time to talk and eat. Thank you so much Ivy for your kind heart! Check out her wedding blog, if you may ♥

[caption id="attachment_39" align="aligncenter" width="300"]untitled I got this big coffee/tea cup as a birthday gift! ♥[/caption]


  1. Nice meal.

    I've heard about this project too. We ought to go there and buy some suspended coffee.

    Please swing by my page too! Thanks!

  2. Truly a remarkable place to stay and have coffee. At first glance I thought it's an ART MUSEUM.

  3. Wow... seems like a great place to hang out. I like the hippie and retro ambience. The food is mouthwatering too :)

  4. It is! I have to try going here during night though, to see the 'night life' lol

  5. It looked more of an art-history mini-museum at first too :)

  6. Suspended coffee initiative is up to the end of month only!

  7. A perfect place to spent with some coffee..

  8. I must visit this place soon! I wanna see the art pieces for myself. :)

  9. Nice contemporary style restaurant they have there.. I should be digging that nachos if my feet will bring me there!!

  10. ganda ng interior. :) nakita ko yung post na yan sa facebook then figured out na meron pala nag-ooffer dito nyan..

  11. Yup! Hope you can visit the cafe one of these days :)


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