Review: BR Chicken House

Had lunch with friends last August 28 at a new fast food chicken joint after our church's weekly meeting, located at Alimall's Food Gallery. We're lucky to try their food and drinks selection at discounted prices!

Taiwanese BR Chicken House offers combo sets and different mixed drinks with yogurt, tea or milk base.

[caption id="attachment_311" align="aligncenter" width="800"]br-chicken-house-sidedish oh hey, it's Domo![/caption]
I decided to try BR Special Chicken combo set. They packed the chicken in a white paper bag and put a sticker on it. The rice and side dish goes in a paper plate with plastic cover where you can serve the viand. It love that it looks clean! It assures me that my food was prepared following proper food handling practices :)


Considering I was hungry by the time we ate past 1pm and I typically eat more viand than rice, I wasn't able to finish the BBQ-flavored chicken. I can cut the serving size in half and save it for another meal. The meat was flavorful that I didn't need to eat bigger pieces to taste it.


My side dish of choice, mixed veggies, was typical Pinoy fast food prepared. Mashed potatoes weren't available that time :c

The set comes with a regular milk tea drink, which tastes like good ol' Wintermelon. #burp
Tastes like Wintermelon <3

My friend ordered Popcorn Chicken combo set (sorry, no picture :/). The serving size is perfect as snack during movie time. The chicken strips were crunchy and can be eaten with or without the sauce.

She upgraded her drink to a large cup of Hawaii Iced Tea for additional 40php. A mix of different juices (Four Seasons-ish concept), it was light and very refreshing, apt for warm days.

[caption id="attachment_315" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Oops, that was stolen-ish :3 Oops, that was stolen-ish :3[/caption]
I never had Taiwanese chicken meals before (as far as I know) but I haven't had any similar tasting meal for sure. Unanimously agreed upon, the flavorful and generous serving size are a bang for your buck, for students and professionals alike. The clean packaging and helpful staff are a plus. Coke products are also available for soda lovers.

Still in its soft opening stage, they are continuously expanding their menu.

br-chicken-house-alimall-400pxBR Chicken House

Address: 2nd Level, Food Gallery, Alimall, Araneta Center, Quezon City

Store Hours: 10am - 9pm

Budget: 79php - 200php

Links: Facebook


  1. Haven't really tried eating this when I was in Manila. I wonder if they have a site in Cebu? :) Looks yummy though! :3

  2. for take-out lang talaga? pero budget friendly siya :D

  3. I have not visited Ali Mall in three years. Haha grabe. This BR Chicken House sure looks worth a try. :)

  4. Go! Let me know how the chicken fares for you :)

  5. Dine-in (food court) and take out! :)

  6. I think the one in Alimall is their first branch :)

  7. Thanks for supporting my friends' store! The one at Alimall is the only branch of BR Chicken as of now. They have plans on putting up a new store in Robinsons Ermita but with no definite date yet. That branch will have the same menu but with a different taste from what they serve at Alimall. They will go full blast with the ingridients in the future branch if the BR chicken at Alimall proves to be a success. Thanks again!

  8. You're welcome! Looking forward to that future store. :)


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