Clara Ole Cream-based Pasta Sauce Taste Test

Cooking at our home is minimized, unless I take over the kitchen (which doesn't really happen haha!). Remember the Three Cheese pasta served piping hot when I woke up? I thought I was the one who'll prepare that.. :3

Anyway, I got excited to 'cook' because I have secured a small package of Clara Ole cream-based pasta sauces, but I had to wait for our grocery time to restock on pasta. Bummer :(


Spaghetti, like pancit, is a staple in Filipino occasions. We love it sweet and we cook the sauce using ground beef, hotdogs, banana ketchup and sugar. In our family, I believe I'm the only one who also appreciates Italian-style spaghetti.

We didn't bother to add anything in to adjust the taste and consistency - it was already creamy and cheesy.


With Clara Ole Creamy Tomato, the smell of the various herbs and spices struck me first. It was so tasty (you might find it a little sour if you're used to sweets), I might use it as a base for tomato soup or pizza sauce next time!


We didn't buy bacon but no problemo! Clara Ole Carbonara pasta sauce has a hint of bacon flavor in it already! I'm used to having bits of onion in my carbonara so I added a little.

I still haven't decided what I'll do with Clara Ole Bechamel but I think, adding it with Creamy Tomato sauce will make it appropriate for lasagna :3

I related this to my favorite aunt when we visited them and she told me to try the creamy tomato + three cheese sauce combo. Sounds heavenly noh? <3

Clara Ole makes it easy for anyone to cook their classic favorites or whip up something new for any occasion.

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