[Review] Secrets of the South: Damn Good Ice Cream at Coolato Artisan Gelato SM BF

GeekyKitch went on a food crawl to check out the thriving food community down south of Manila.

We had a filling lunch at Mati's Meat & Bread but no matter what, there's always room for dessert! So we took an Uber going to SM City BF Paranaque for our next stop - Coolato Artisan Gelato.

Coolato is the go-to place for dessert as it is strategically located near the mall's cinema with other food establishments. The space can accommodate around 15 dine-in customers at a time. I love that every corner is Instagram-friendly with all the chalkboard walls and quotable quotes.

Coolato handcrafted each cup of creamy goodness as you order and the open kitchen setup lets you watch as you wait. The staff poured the base and ingredients over an icy cold plate, skillfully mixed it all together, transferred into a cup and topped it with sweets or fresh fruits. This is similar to the concept of 'fried ice cream rolls' that was popular years ago.
 Basic flavors such as All American Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Cookie Butter Crunch are priced at P120 while premium flavors like Fresh Strawberry, Mango, Cookies & Cream and Coffee are P150 per order. They recently released new ones (Cookie Monster, Caramel Macchiato, Black Forest, Cocoa Sunrise, Banoffee Pie, Almond Joy, and Green Tea Matcha), which also costs P150.

Add in one of your favorite toppings for only P20! Choose from fresh mango, banana, walnut, cashew, mallows, chocolate chips, biscoff, crushed oreo, chocolate pretzel, caramel popcorn or almonds.

We tried several flavors during our visit:
Cookie Monster + Chocolate Pretzels :)
Almond Joy + more almonds :)

Mango :)

Salted Caramel :)

Cocoa Sunrise :)

At first I was a little skeptic because they only have a small cup. Turns out it had more than enough ice cream to satisfy my craving! I prefer my ice cream milky yet with pronounced flavors of other ingredients and I was able to enjoy that with all of our orders.

In case you want some grub to go with your dessert, they have nachos and hotdog sandwich on the menu. For only P120, I love how generous they are with the ingredients! There were four of us but we weren't able to finish it (or maybe they're making space for our dinner hehe).

GeekyKitch recommends Coolato Artisan Gelato for everyone! Haha! Seriously, who doesn't love ice cream? :)

I can't say I have a particular favorite but try the Cocoa Sunrise if you want something out of the usual. I'm still looking forward to try their Matcha ice cream!

Coolato Artisan Gelato

4th floor, SM City BF Paranaque

Open from 10am to 9pm


  1. i love the ambiance and the interior design of the cafe, it's so instagram worthy :D and the ice creams and gelato are so delicious in the pictures. I'm a fan of sweets. ^^

  2. Hello Ann, thanks for dropping by! They do have delicious flavors! Do you happen to live nearby? :)


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