[Review] Secrets of the South: Siam Noodle House

GeekyKitch went on a food crawl to check out the thriving food community down south of Manila.

We headed over to the south's famous food strip, Aguirre, via a tricycle for dinner to a restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine, Siam Noodle House. This establishment opened around April 2016 and is the little sister of Just Thai.

I felt like I was transported to another place when we walked into the establishment. It gave off this zen vibe you get from spas that made me forget my concerns at that moment.

Now with the food! I definitely didn't expect how soft and chewy Siam's Squid Rings is. The batter was light and crispy. It came with two special dips, the black one's spicier.
Pla Muk Tod - P220

Catfish Salad played with all the core flavors of sweet, sour, salty, nutty and spicy in one dish!
Catfish Salad - P190

The Glass Noodle Salad is a far cry from our local Pancit Sotanghon, a little spicy with generous amounts of veggies, mushrooms and crushed peanuts.
Yum Won Sen - P150

I worked my way from the lightest in flavor, since we had a couple of noodle soup dishes to taste, starting with Crispy Pork Noodle Soup. I was the last to get my fill but the meat maintained its crispness despite being soaked in the broth (and no oiliness ah!).
Kuaitiao Moo

I guess I got used to my friend's spicy Tom Yum that I was looking for a little more heat (we asked for the mild one kasi). This soup dish comes with squid balls, meat and a slice of egg.
I was told that the amount of curry was reduced in the Seafood Green Curry that was served to us (by request). I was still able to taste its flavor with enough heat.
Seafood Khao Soi - P160
I like shrimp paste (bagoong) with green mangoes and kare-kare. I have never imagined it as a soup base until I ate one at Siam Noodle House. I found the flavor of the standard order of Shrimp Paste Surprise a little too flavorful for me but nonetheless offered me a mouth watering meal.
Kuaitiao Krok Kapi - P160

Of course, no visit to a Thai restaurant is complete without eating yummy Pad Thai! <3
Pad Thai - P220

Siam Noodle House is not all about noodles. They also have a variety of delectable dishes:
Khao Krok Kapi (Bagoong Rice) - P190
Khao Pad Phed Neua (Spicy Beef Fried Rice) - P250
Gai Pad Gaprow (Chicken-wrapped in Pandan leaves) - P250
Pad Talay Prik Pow (Seafood in Chili) - P250
Pad Gaprow Talay (Seafood in Basil) - P250
A serving of their tangy Tamarind Juice helped me in between bites hehe :P
Tamarind Juice - P60
GeekyKitch recommends Siam Noodle House for their affordable but flavorful meals. The ambiance and serving size is perfect for casual date nights, family dinners or foodtrip with friends! Looking forward to try the Crispy Tilapia that I've been hearing about :)

The restaurant is accessible via tricycle from SM City BF Paranaque, located across Starbucks and on the left of Shakey's.

Siam Noodle House

Presidents Avenue cor Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Open from 11am to 11pm daily.

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