Feel like a kid again with 7-Eleven’s Childhood Classics promo

September 19, 2019
Don’t miss out on a chance to relive your childhood at Hong Kong Disneyland!

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We have our Disney Classics reboots, old school playlists, and 90s fashion comebacks but nothing says ultimate throwback quite like 7-Eleven’s latest Childhood Classics promo!

Starting today through October 22, you can get a chance to bring back your young-and-carefree days with exciting prizes from 7-Eleven.

Capture Instagrammable moments 90s style with a Polaroid Originals OneStep+ or celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gundam with a Gundam Fix Figuration. You can also enjoy a trip for 2 to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more.

Simply buy P100 worth of participating 90s snacks and drinks from 7-Eleven and use your CLiQQ app to earn e-raffle entries to win these amazing prizes.

Hurry and get your hands on your favorite 90s snacks like Chippy, Chiz Curls, Cloud 9, Choco Knots, Milo, and more at 7-Eleven stores near you. #90sClassicsSa711

Here's a list of participating items:
  • Nutrisnack Pee Wee Sizzling BBQ 60g
  • Nutrisnack Cheez it 60g
  • Nutrisnack Moby Crunchy Chocolate 60g
  • Tomi Sweet Corn 110g
  • Regent Snacku Vegetable Flavor 60g
  • Regent Cheese Ring Cheese Flavor 60g
  • Regent Tempura Shrimp Flavored Snack 100g
  • J n J Chippy BBQ Family 110g
  • J n J Chiz Curls 55g
  • JnJ Chocolate Pretzels Sticks 40g
  • Jack n Jill Choco Knots Buddy Pack 50g
  • Hello Choco Coated Wafer Vanilla Cream 15g
  • Hello Choco Coated Wafer Choco Cream 15g
  • Cream-O Choco 90g
  • Cream-O Original Vanilla 90g
  • JnJ Dewberry Strawberries N Cream 33g
  • JnJ Dewberry Blueberries N Cream 33g
  • Presto Creams Peanut Butter 150g
  • Quake Overload Mocha Butter Cake 30g
  • Cloud9 Classic Bar Size 28g
  • Jack N Jill Wiggles Choco Mallows 25g
  • Nips Milk Choco 40g
  • Growers Original Garlic Flavor Peanuts 80g
  • Expo Coated Peanuts 50g
  • Sunshine Green Peas 50g
  • Nestle Crunch 43.9g
  • Milo Nuggets 30g
  • Polo Peppermint 27g
  • 17g Nestle KitKat 2F Int’l. Recipe
  • 20g Honey Stars (Luzon Only)
  • Koko Krunch Budget Pack 90g
  • 20g Koko Krunch Pack
  • 20g Milo Cereals (Luzon Only)
  • 33g Bear Brand Swak Pack Powdered Milk Drink
  • 22g Milo More Malt! More Milk!
  • Rebisco Bravo Biscuits 30g
  • Rebisco Plain Crackers 35g
  • Rebisco Hansel Mocha Sandwich 32g
  • Rebisco Strawberry Sandiwch 32g
  • Choco Mucho 32g
  • Suncrest Fudgee Barr Choco Blast 42g
  • Goya Milk Chocolate 38g
  • Goya Dark Chocolate 38g
  • Delfi Goya Coins Pack 5g
  • Tootsie Roll 10 Cents
  • Delfi Knick Knacks Choco on Choco 62g
  • Delfi Knick Knacks Milk 62g
  • Snickers Bar 51g
  • Snickers 20g
  • Snickers Peanut Singles 35g
  • M & M Peanut Singles 40g
  • M & M Plain 40g
  • Potchi Strawberry Cream 50g
  • Potchi Gummy Worms 50g
  • Hersheys Cookies N Cream Bar 40g
  • Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar 43g
  • Hersheys Creamy Milk Chocolate 40g
  • Reeses Peanut Butter Cups 42g
  • Bear Brand Sterilized Tetra 200ml
  • 250ml Nestle Fresh Milk Tetra
  • Nestle Chuckie 250ml
  • Milo RTD 180ml
  • Pez Refills 6s
  • Pez Dispenser with Candies 2s
  • Skyflakes Single 25g w/ Barcode
  • Fita Singles 30g
  • Nissin Eggnog Cookies 130g
  • Nissin Bread Stix 130g
  • Nissin Wafer King Choco 22g
  • Magnolia Fresh Milk 250ml
  • Magnolia Chocolait 250ml
  • Selecta 70341 Cornetto Classic Cone Choco 105ml
  • Sel 70361 Cornetto Cone Vanilla 105ml
  • Selecta Ooh Pinipig Vanilla 60ml
  • Vanilla Oreo Donut
  • Peanut Butter Oreo Donut
  • MD Hersheys Dark Chocolate Donut
  • MD Hersheys Cookies and Cream Donut

  • You may refer here for the list of booster items.

    For more information, visit www.7-eleven.com.ph and like 7-Eleven Philippines on Facebook, follow @711ph on Instagram and @711philippines on Twitter. 

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