How to Order Gluten Free Take-Out

September 17, 2019
Not all restaurants offer gluten-free dishes or menus, but more and more do. For instance, take pizza places. The best tasting gluten free pizza features ancient grains such as teff, amaranth and quinoa, and gluten-free pizzas are commonly available. The National Celiac Association's website has a search tool you can use to find gluten-free fare in your community. The information is supplied by residents and has not been officially vetted. Always do your due diligence before you actually order.


Pizza is a versatile choice, especially if you're feeding other people in addition to yourself. It's also relatively inexpensive. The cheapest pizza specials can mean deals on gluten-free pizza, appetizers, huge pizzas, desserts and much more. In any case, many major pizza chains, as well as smaller restaurants, offer gluten-free pies.

If you're budget-conscious, look rewards and discounts or ways on how to get a free pizza. April 15 (tax day) is a common promotion day for free pizzas, and you can usually earn rewards points any day when you spend money. You get to exchange these points for freebies down the road. You have the option to order via phone, computer or smartphone app.


Many Mexican independents and chains sell dishes such as pinto beans, black beans, corn tortillas, chicken, rice, salsa, cheese, steak and tortilla chips that are gluten-free. These foods tend to be naturally gluten-free, although not always. For example, tortilla chips are normally (but not always) made from ground corn, which is gluten-free. Ask your Mexican restaurant about gluten before you get takeout so you can ensure your food is safe to eat.

Chain Restaurants

A good number of chain restaurants feature gluten-free dishes promoted as such on their menu, and ordering takeout is easy. You should be able to use a smartphone app, and many places have dedicated parking spots for customers picking up food to take home.

Fast Food

Skip the buns, and you can find gluten-free fare at many fast food places. A few even specify which dishes are gluten-free. However, cross-contamination can and does occur. Diners at fast-food restaurants should chat with managers before ordering. This isn't an ideal option for quick takeout.

Planning Your Visit

You probably feel most comfortable if you speak with a manager before ordering your food. The best times are before and after the busiest meal periods. Fortunately, after your first couple of visits, restaurant staffers should become more familiar with your orders. Follow these tips:

• Get dressing served on the side (or opt for a salad without dressing, and use your own).
• Choose balsamic vinegar and oil instead of traditional dressing.
• Skip croutons and bread.
• Skip sauces.
• Ask for French fries to be cooked in fryers separate from the fryers used for breaded items.
• Opt for baked rice or plain, steamed rice (skip rice pilafs).
• Double-check any seasonings used to prepare your meats.

When you pick up your food, also double-check that it's been prepared gluten-free.

Takeout is supposed to be relatively quick, so pizzas and Mexican dishes promoted specifically as being gluten-free are your best bets. However, take the time to cultivate relationships at a few local restaurants, and you should be able to easily order gluten-free takeout before long.

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