Make Every Pinoy Home’s Yuletide Feast “PASKONG SARANGANI BAY”

November 26, 2019
Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus, a local brand in the Philippines that produces all kind of bangus-related delicacies and is available in leading groceries and markets, is encouraging every Filipino home to make their Yuletide feast more enriching with a “Paskong Sarangani Bay” as theme.

Packed with delicious goodness and rich in vitamins, protein and minerals, Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is sure to be savored, especially during the holidays, where most of the foods can be unhealthy.

Sarangani Bay’s Executive Chef Gigi Angkaw in a recent Paskong Sarangani Bay get-together/appreciation gathering with Blogger partners shared some delicious holiday recipe ideas using Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus products. Among them were Bangus Sisig, Holiday Crostini with Smoked Fish Pate, and Spicy Sardines Pasta using MIO (Milkfish in Oil). These recipes give a healthier take to any noche buena celebration.

Sarangani Bay also showcases its #LoveLokal campaign through its Facebook page Kusina Sarangani, wherein they proudly show their food products, provide authentic Filipino recipes and encourage every Filipino to patronize our own.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus originated its name from the place itself, Sarangani Bay, a Southern part of Mindanao which is home to a rich seafood experience – that is, where the company also get its fish supply. The brand is proud to say that it is the Philippine’s largest processor and exporter of seafood. Sarangani Bay has a variety of food products – whether it be unseasoned, cooked, bottled, marinated, which is sure to bring delight to any family’s dining table.

Sarangani Bay is available in selected S&R, Shopwise, SM Supermarket, Waltermart, Rustans, and Robinsons outlets nationwide. For more of Sarangani Bay and their other meal recipes, follow them on or check their website    


  1. You gave me idea what to include to my next grocery basket. I'm excited to taste the Sarangani special.

  2. I miss bangus. I always eat bangus whenever i go home so just 2 weeks more and our family will have another Pinoy Xmas!

  3. I'm sure to include this in my groceries this weekend! Thank you for the share!

  4. I live near Sarangani Bay and I love the seafood!I can't wait to go grocery shopping!

  5. I miss bangus. Ang tagal na nung last na kasin ko ng bangus lalo na ang daing na bangus.
    Wish to go home to PH and eat all the foods I'm missing especially the bangus.

  6. Yes, I'd also like to watch my diet especially coming the christmas season. This will be a great alternative. I might even have it beyond the holidays!! Hahahahaha

  7. havent tried this brand yet. coco loves eating bangus eh! especially daing na bangus ng dagupan.. papano pa kaya from sarangani edi lalo mas masarap!

  8. Well, just like Sarangani, here in Dagupan City, we are well known in producing bangus and milkfish-related products. In fact, the festival here is called "Bangus Festival".

    Going to this local brand, I want to try their products too! Will find this brand on the said grocery outlets! Also, one thing that captures me is their campaign #LoveLokal!

  9. I love bangus, especially if its boneless! Sarangani Bay is one of my favorites!


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