[Review] Taiwanese style fried chicken Monga in Manila

Taiwan is known for two things: their traditional street snack which is fried chicken (ji pai) and milk tea.

The Vikings Group, who has been sharing their love for food in the last 8 years, brings a popular Taiwanese restaurant chain to Manila.

Taiwanese-style fried chicken cutlet chain MONGA opens its first branch in SM Megamall last November 7.

The store can comfortably sit 40 pax and has interiors inspired by Taiwan's night markets. The menu has two main items - chicken fillets and milk tea, plus a few snacks. Their signature friend chicken comes in 4 flavors: The King, Hot Chick, Taiker, and Chee-z Signature (Original/Spicy), and can be ordered a la carte (P189-P209) or with rice (P199-229). You can make it a value meal by adding drinks (+P15), fries (+P30), or both (+P40)!

The King (salt & pepper)
Taiker (Japanese seaweed)
Chee-z Signature
Milk tea lovers can indulge in Monga's milk tea series, Black Dragon Oolong Latte or Green Dragon Matcha Latte, at P110. Other available drinks include Milk Foam Green/Oolong Tea (P110), Grapefruit/Orange/Jasmine Green Tea, and Oolong Tea (P100).

Black Dragon Oolong Latte
Milk Foam Green Tea
Sides include Monga Nuggets, Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken, Fries (signature, seaweed, plum), Monga Chicken Wings, Fried Broccoli, Fried King Oyster Mushroom, and Fried Chicken Skin.

Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken
Fried King Oyster Mushroom

Monga Fried Chicken serves thick-cut chicken fillets with thin, non-greasy but crispy coating. It was flavorful both inside (meat) and out (generous with spices). I tasted a little of everything, with sips of Milk Foam Green Tea in between, and did not encounter anything too salty. We were told that each serving is for 1 only but with its size, you can share it with a friend. I capped off my Monga moment with a cup of the refreshing and palate cleanser, Grapefruit Green Tea.

I also bought a few pieces home (Taiker & Chee-z Signature) for the family to try and to check its quality. I popped the Chee-z in the fridge to avoid spoilage yet the meat was still tender and juicy even if I don't reheat it. That's good to know if you can't finish everything in one go or do not have microwave at home.

My personal (paired) recommendations are Taiker + Grapefruit Green Tea & Chee-z + Milk Foam Green Tea. Oh, add in some Fried King Oyster Mushroom ;)

Enjoy a number of deals in line with their launch:
  • Nov 6-11: Buy 1 Get 1 signature fried chicken for P199
  • Nov 12-18: Buy 1 Get 1 milk tea for P110
  • Nov 19 - Dec 5: like and follow Monga PH on Facebook/Instagram and get 20% off
  • Dec 6-12: post your Monga PH moment and get 30% off
  • Dec 13-19: Buy 1 Get 1 milk tea for P110 or signature fried chicken at P199
You can find Monga at the Lower Ground level of SM Megamall Building A (near Toy Kingdom). Monga has branches around Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and now, the Philippines.

Follow Monga Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for promos and updates. #mongaph


  1. very nice article... yummy food too! cheers!

  2. Huhu. 2 in 1. Chicken and milktea. I must try this. The chee-z signature is looking yummy 🤤

  3. It's my first time to hear about Monga. But I heard that fried chicken really tastes good in Taiwan. I wanna try the Taiker Chicken!

  4. This is something to try next lunch time. Thanks for the heads-up.

  5. I've liked hot star so I'm curious to see how this compares to that. I will definitely stop by when I'm around mega mall. See tou there.

  6. Chicken and milktea is really a great combination. I will definitely try to visit this place once i am near the area. And their deals are really great. I need to pay a visit really soon

  7. Something new! Would love to try this. I am fan of chicken and milktea. I will keep this on my notes so I can try whenever I go back to PH.

  8. naku! i should check this out. hindi ako naka-milk tea pero baka magugustuhan ko eto.


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