Childhood Hits: Haw Flakes

May 05, 2020
What's my favorite pasalubong as a child? I'll answer haw flakes in a heartbeat.
I have nothing but good memories associated with this candy. I look forward every time my grandfather (Tatay†) arrives with his suitcase. He consistently brings home a pack and it brightens up my day.

Haw flakes are round and bite-sized Chinese candy with a sweet and tangy taste. The colorful packaging resembles mini fireworks and comes in 2 sizes that you can bring anywhere.

According to the Michelin Guide website, hawthorn is the main ingredient of this popular sweet. This berry is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine because it's rich with various acids. It is said to aid digestion, break down fat contents, and promote the flow of energy in our body.

It's good to know that this treat is beneficial for our metabolism. Filipino kids would feed each other, similar to the communion practice with sacramental bread Ostia. However, because of its high sugar content, it's best to not eat a pack in 1 sitting.

I don't have some in stock now but I'd usually make a beeline to an Aji Ichiban store to buy. Recently, I discovered it from a nearby supermarket so that's where I get my fix. 10 pieces of the smaller variant costs P18.70 while 12 pieces of the bigger one sell for P66.

It would be a delight if The Lost Bread comes up with a haw flakes-flavored soft-serve like they did with Mug Rootbeer 😍

What's your favorite childhood candy?

P. S.: it was Tatay's 85th birthday last May 3 :)

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