Stay Home and Share Happiness - the International Day of Families with Glico's CACAO STORY 360 and GLICODE

May 14, 2020
Glico Asia Pacific announced that two online learning resources "Cacao Story 360" and "GLICODE" are now available to the public to help children enjoy learning at home in conjunction with the International Day of Families on May 15.

Amid the prolonged impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people might feel anxious or stressed out with uncertainty. Especially families with younger children may have problems thinking about how to entertain their children with indoor activities or to set up a conducive environment for home-based learning. In response to such concerns, Glico offers these two digital contents. A 360-degree video called Cacao Story 360 bring users on a journey to learn about cocoa beans. GLICODE is an educational tool with which people can enjoy learning basic coding skills using Glico's chocolate snack, Pocky. The product's core value is 'Share happiness!'. Glico delivers these contents to users so that they can spend quality time with their family through such experiences.

Cacao Journey to Become Chocolate – CACAO STORY 360

Cacao Story 360 is a VR (virtual reality) content which allows users to learn how cacao beans are grown, harvested and transferred all the way to be ready for chocolate making. The video has been taken at a cacao bean plantation in Ecuador, one of the places Glico sources for Pocky production. Users can embark on a virtual tour to enjoy viewing a vast cacao plantation, rustic townscapes and the entire process from harvesting to shipping cocoa beans as well as interviews with the farmers. A dynamic aerial drone footage makes users feel as if they are visiting and seeing the place. Users can enjoy a 360°virtual video with their mobile devices. VR goggles will enhance the viewer's experience even further.

Originally created for limited viewership, it is made available to everyone so that more people can enjoy this content in such a difficult situation.

Sweet Coding e-learning with Pocky - GLICODE

The other tool is an educational app called GLICODE which allows users to learn basic coding skills in a fun way using Pocky. By arranging Pocky in different sequences, you can learn three basic coding fundamentals, SEQUENCE, LOOP and IF via GLICODE. GLICODE stages increase in difficulty as users progress and learn new coding principles. Coding is all about problem solving and there are many ways to reach the goal. Try and come up with an unique solution.

Since its initial launch in 2016 in Japan, GLICODE has generated attention in and outside of Japan. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan has also officially adopted GLICODE to be part of the 'Popularisation of Programming' initiative to integrate computer science education into elementary school curriculums since 2016.

GLICODE has been translated into English in 2017 and into Thai in 2018 to share the joy of learning with as many people as possible. GLICODE is now not only enjoyed at home but used as a learning resource at many elementary schools or institutions in Japan and Singapore.

"We believe that we are offering an opportunity to experience Pocky's core value, 'Share happiness!' to our customers with these two contents even while Stay-at-Home order is set in place," said HIROHISA TAMAI, Assistant Global Brand Manager, Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. "Parents are stressed out with not being able to take their kids for outdoor activities and have them go to school. Currently we cannot shoot new videos in a situation where social distancing is required. After we thought about how we can support people with Pocky and what kind of occasions 'Share happiness!' can be offered to customers during this restricted period, we came up with the idea of delivering these existing contents, instead of simply delivering an encouraging message or video."

Glico supports family bonding time by delivering 'Share happiness!' through fun and educational digital contents. Glico stands with families in getting through this tough time by practicing social distancing together.

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About Cacao Story 360

Cacao Story 360 is a digital video content with which users can virtually travel to a plantation and learn about cacao. Users can view a series of 9 videos and 1 interview with local farmers with their mobile phones.

* This content is available for mobile devices only.
* English is the only language available.

Recommended environments


  • iOS 13.0 and above/Safari latest version
  • Android 7.0 and above/Chrome latest version


GLICODE is an app which allows users to learn basic coding skills in a fun way using Pocky. It is for sure to be enjoyed by not only children but also parents! Let's clear all 39 stages! BTW… Remember to wash your hands before and after playing GLICODE!

Get coding today! Download GLICODE at:

  • iOS GLICODE (EN): 
  • Android GLICODE (EN):
  • Android GLICODE (TH):

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