Milkcow: Korea's Honeycomb Soft Serve Ice Cream Now in PH!

Temperature in the metro has been dropping and we'd love to stay in bed all day. #sweaterweather

Crazy as I am, it doesn't stop me from eating ice cream! Haha! I couldn't resist especially now that Korea's famous premium organic dessert cafe opened its first store in the Philippines!


Milkcow made its debut offering soft served ice cream to South Koreans in late 2013, now with more than 50 branches. Since then it has been franchised in Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines and soon to make it presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Canada.


Milkcow Philippines uses fresh milk produced daily and ice cream batches are replenished every three days, compared to those who use powdered milk.


Currently there are twelve (12) varieties to choose from, ranging from P110 to P170. Organic soft served ice cream served with honeycomb, the Milky Cube (M3), is the store's flagship and bestseller product. Add an additional topping if you wish :)

[caption id="" width="500" caption="Milky Way (M1), Milky Cube (M3), Green Light (M6), Macao Dream (M7), Cookies & Cream (M8), Golden Angel (M9)"]milkcow-icecreams[/caption]

"We loved the taste of the ice cream when we first has it while on vacation in Korea. We know Filipinos love their sweets, but the awesome thing about this is that it isn't so sweet that you would get tired of it even after the whole cup," shared Seann Tan, President of Milkcow Philippines.

My friends Jam of and Sir Ted of ordered Milky Cube (M3) and Snow Drop (M4) respectively, while I tried Milky Pearl (M5).


On first scoop of M3 I understood what Mr. Tan meant. Honestly, I have never tasted soft-served ice cream as creamy and tasty as this!

M5 was served with hazelnut syrup, sea salt and coco balls. The combination of sweet and salty and presence of chocolate made it an addictive dessert.

You can eat it with or without toppings and there was no umay factor or a bad aftertaste.


Milkcow also serves croissants (plain - P65, with spread - P135). We got to try Pepperoni Pizza and Parmesan Basil Chicken, both of which I liked.

Coffee lovers can also enjoy their hot cuppa, brewed from beans imported from Italy. Jam tried the caramel macchiato while ordered a classic cappuccino.

The store is gaining popularity and gets packed with happy faces, especially in the evenings. I'm looking forward to try the other ice cream combinations. :)

Milkcow Philippines

Eastwood Mall, Quezon City

Opens from 8AM to 10PM

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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