[Food Show] Channel NewsAsia presents Savouring the Future

An eight-part series about the future of Singapore food SMEs premiers on November 25, Saturday, on Channel NewsAsia.

The success of SMEs is vital in generating jobs and economic growth. In Singapore's case, it is particularly pressing as the city state seeks to add depth to its economy. This then, is the focus in the series: Singapore food SMEs that are innovating to cope up with challenges posed by the local market and from there to become globally competitive.

Beyond automation and new products, this new series discovers how innovation is very much a human enterprise. Consistently, it is the dreams and visions, the determination and the difficult decisions, that drive the innovators and which spurs progress.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Vending Machine Meals

Serving fresh, hot piping food in vending machines sounds like it should already exist in
bustling Singapore. And yet, it's a relatively new innovation here. But not for long. In this episode, Bjorn meets with House of Seafood and QQ Rice to find out more about their vending machine plans.

Episode 2: Innovative New Products

Food wastage carries both ethical and economic dimensions but there is one company that aims to minimize it. In this episode, Bjorn discovers how local food SME - Mr Bean, turns its soy pulp - which was previously discarded - into innovative and healthy food products.

Episode 3: Finding and Filling a Niche

Finding a niche and meeting that demand in the food business is easier said than done. In this episode, Bjorn meets the driving forces behind Mr Popiah and Health Food Matters - people who are innovating their food products, for a specific but growing group of consumers.

Episode 4: Automation: A Question of Volume, Velocity and Quality

Increasing productivity with automation while maintaining quality has always been a difficult balance for food manufacturers. Bjorn visits local food SMEs - Lim Kee and Bakers Heaven, which are both adamant that quality should not be compromised but instead, improved with automation.

Episode 5: Automation: Building Their Own Machines

You can buy machines to automate but what happens when these machines do not even exist? Bjorn meets Alson Teo of Stamfles and Cheng Yew Heng, both of whom have spent years and a fortune in building and perfecting machines to automate their products to scale up their food production.

Episode 6: Extending Shelf-life

The idea of exporting food is always met with the first and toughest hurdle: shelf-life extension. In this episode, Bjorn checks out the methods employed by two local food SMEs - The Soup Spoon and Tan Seng Kee - to prolong the lifespan of their food products in order to expand globally.

Episode 7: Going Global (Part 1)

In this episode, Bjorn goes visiting to two local SMEs - Jumain Sataysfaction and Bee Cheng Hiang - that are packaging and exporting their food to countries as far as the Middle East. Bjorn also reunites with two previous profiles and checks in on their export progress since they last met.

Episode 8: Going Global (Part 2)

Dian Xiao Er and Pu Tien are well known amongst Singaporeans but how well do they fare outside of our shores? In this episode, Bjorn travels to Shanghai to see if these two local popular restaurant chains can survive and thrive in the huge China market.


"Savouring the Future" will be hosted by chef, restaurant owner and food guru, Bjorn Shen. Catch the series every Saturday starting November 25 at 8:30PM (SIN/KL/MNL) / 7:30PM (BKK/JKT) / 6PM (DEL). Watch it first online at www.channelnewsasia.com/savouring-the-future.


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