Single Bells this Christmas? Keribels lang yan!

Malamig ang Pasko, mga besh? Sing it out loud and proud!

The weeks leading to Christmas Day is filled with parties! Imagine all the good food, cool presents and awesome company! If you're a member of Team Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko though, it's only a matter of time before someone asks, "may boyfriend ka na ba?" - making you all senti and sad.

You ask yourself, "Is being single a crime when all I want for Christmas is somebody to share the yuletide cheer?"

Welcome the holidays with this fun and catchy McDonald's ultimate holiday anthem that will give you a breath of fresh, independent air!

Featuring snippets of single people having the time of their lives in various ways, this fun and
lighthearted video stays true to McDonald’s Love Ko ‘To catchphrase while also celebrating non-
romantic relationships. After all, who needs bae when you can fill your holidays with countless
adventures, try out new hobbies, enjoy your favorite desserts and drinks, and spend time with the
people who truly matter?

Malamig ba ang Pasko niyo ngayon, mga besh?
Aray ko po!

Rushing through the stores
Christmas shopping all day
Kasama beshies ko tawanan all the way!
Pa-roadtrip-roadtrip lang kahit saan man mapadpad
What fun it is to laugh and sing karaoke with my buds! Hey!

Single bells, keribels! Single all the way!
Oh, what fun ang Pasko kahit wala kaming mga bae! Hey! 
Single bells, keribels! Single all the way! I am done with my painting Three cheers, hip-hip… aray!

Video games all day
I’m the master of the world
Sarili ko ang oras ko
Doing what I wanna do
Underwater para extreme
Ako ang selfie king
Pagdating sa sayawan ako ang breakdance queen! Hey!

Single bells, keribels! Single all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride with my kaladkarin friends!
Single bells, keribels! Single all the way! 
Oh, what fun ang Pasko kahit wala akong bae

Here’s to a season filled with good cheer! Make your days merry and bright with McDonald’s
Holiday Desserts—no significant other needed. Indulge and get into the holiday spirit with McFlurry with Oreo Matcha, McFlurry with Sans Rival or the classic McFlurry with Oreo!

Enjoyed the video/song? Share away to all your #SingleBellsKeribels friends! <3


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    1. Hello, Clark! I added the lyrics above :)

  2. Who were the 4 main singers? And the last one? quite some awesome voice.


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